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It is refreshing to come into a business and see ALL members of the organization pitching in at all levels.  I came in to get a car loan on a Friday afternoon.  When I came in, I noticed my loan officer manning the drive up window.  Then a few minutes later, the Loan Manager Brenda of the Credit Union came out to wait on a customer at the teller window.  Everyone was pitching in where needed, making it a very pleasant atmosphere.  No one looked upset that they were filling in at positions they normally did not have to fact it was quite the opposite.  The tone was pleasant and calm, no scurrying or stressed out behavior in the least, even though they were all very busy.  I thought it was an impressive sight to see and it makes me know I do my financial business in the right place! Thanks for all your TEAM does for me! S.Guntren, Marcus, IA

"N.W. Iowa Credit Union rates are very high on financial returns, ease of use, and fast friendly service.  Though I've experimented with some other institutions, N.W. Iowa Credit Union has always stayed my #1 for a reason."--C. Radloff, Sioux City, IA 



 I’ve been banking with NWIC since the mid 80’s.  My work experience in Le Mars has been with Wells’ Dairy and most recently with Harker’s Distribution.  Once Harker’s downsized prior to closing the doors, I was relieved of my duties.  This was December of 2007.  I decided to further my education and am now a student at WITCC.  I also found fulltime employment up in Sioux Center working at Trans Ova Genetics.  This was a blessing for me to find such a wonderful job.  However, I’m not in town any longer.  This makes banking at NWICU a little difficult for me if I’m not free on Saturday mornings to head to town. I decided to purchase a car.  I made a call to Robin and we talked about a car I was interested in.  She gave me the sordid details of how the credit union would not loan me the money due to the car not being worth what they were asking. I talked with the car salesman who proceeded to tell me that I could borrow the money from them and get the car.  I wonder how many people fall for that one, borrowing from the seller because their financial institution won't lend them the money.  There is a reason for this! I didn't buy his car.  I did find another car I was interested in purchasing, made another call to Robin and she gave me the details. The car was actually under book, which was fantastic, but then I was in a bind when it came to filling out and signing papers. This is where MY personal experience comes in, I was able to have Robin prepare the paperwork, we talked over the phone what I would need to fill out and sign and she got the papers to my husband, who works in town, and he delivered them to me at home. I in turn filled out and signed where I needed to and was able to fax the papers in prior to sending the hard copy back to the credit union.  The paperwork was totally trouble free.  Not that it is ever difficult, but me not being able to come to the credit union and fill out the papers seemed hopeless.  Robin came through when I was thinking there was no way this car would be mine! Thanks NWICU!!--L. Urban, Struble IA


I do have a personal experience with NWICU, and it really changed my life.  Due to some difficulties in my past I did not have the greatest credit, and I could not find one bank that would help me overcome my past and rebuild my credit.  That is, until I met with Elaine at NWICU.  She allowed me to get a loan with my car as collateral and she helped me send checks out to get my debt taken care of.  I would not have been able to have the jump start in my credit without Elaine.  After working with Elaine I have turned my bad credit into something good! I have since purchased a new car, got married, started a family and bought a house! Without NWICU, none of this would have been possible! Thank you Elaine and NWICU!--J.Chancellor, Le Mars, IA


About nine months ago my husband and I decided we needed help with our finances, getting bills paid on time, reducing our credit card bills, and increasing our credit score but didn't know how to accomplish it on our own because I was in charge of our finances and always seemed to miss the payment dates. We had tried using the on-line banking feature at the bank we had done business with for over 15 years, tried the automatic pay method where the bank was to cut the check, and had tried the automatic payment option through the various credit card payments but had issues with each of these methods because they would either mail out payments 3-5 days after the desired date, or take out the payment on a Friday when our pay check was not to be posted until Monday and as a result of these we would incur additional overdraft charges or nest fees, which always seemed to get us further behind. So it was mid summer last year and I started calling around to various credit unions in Sioux City to see if there was any bank or credit union that we could pay them to manage our bills. As I soon found out no one offered this service. Then in late August I happened to mention something to my sister-in-law about what I was looking for and she said one of her friends had told her about a credit union in Lemurs that offered this service. She called her friend and got me Michele’s phone number at N.W. Iowa Credit Union. I made an appointment and met Machele at N.W.I.C.U., personnel who handled the bill paying service. We had a detailed meeting where we went over payment dates, minimum payments, pay schedules, division of all the bills (between the ones she would pay and my husband and I would pay) since I was still a bit cautious about turning everything over, just in case it didn't work out.
I was very impressed with the attention to detail, credit knowledge and understanding to our personal circumstances she offered. I realized in this meeting that I had been focusing my efforts all on the wrong bills for the past six years and because of this I had been unable to reduce the balance to any significant amount. In addition, it wasn't that I wasn't paying the monthly bills, I just wasn't paying them by the required due date, which caused us a lot of issues to our credit. That was back in September last year that I relinquished my rights over to Machele. Since then she has managed to eliminate multiple bills, bring the remaining balances to all time low balances and improve our credit by approx. 60 points. My husband and I are very pleased with the service she and NWICU have given us and have decided to turn over all our bills to NWICU by June 15th.
In addition, in March my husband and I were going to buy some new dining room furniture and I called Machele to see whether I should buy the pieces individual (because I had some of the funds saved up) or whether I should apply for the financing at the furniture store. She communicated that we may be able to get a loan through NWICU and put me in touch with Robin in the credit department. I was a bit leery but agreed and was given the same friendly, helpful approach from Robin as well. We ended up qualifying for the loan, I gave the money I had saved to Machele so she could decide how to use the funds and my furniture is ordered (as a set) and will be delivered by the middle of June. Robin also mentioned that if I call on the 89th day that my husband and I may qualify for a reduced interest rate if our credit has changed after the initial signing of the loan. This is something that I have NEVER heard of, getting a break on the interest rate after you sign the loan, and instilled even more that NWICU and the staff are really in business to help customers out rather than penalize them. 
In closing, the service my husband and I have received from first Machele and then Robin is something that I was unfamiliar with in the past. This is a financial institution that actually helps individuals rather than just collecting interest due and nest charges. I have told multiple individuals, both family and friends, about the service we have received not only to help them but also a way of saying thanks to the ladies at NWICU with additional customers. Thanks again, we couldn't have asked for better service. --J. Christensen, Sioux City, IA

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