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Effective Saturday September 6, 2014 we will have new drive up hours:




18 Month CD Special

$5,000.00 Minimum
                                1.00% Rate 1.00% A.P.Y.        

Call us or stop in for more details! Limited Time. 



IT'S HERE!!!! N.W. Iowa Credit Union making your vehicle loan buying easier. Click on the link above and check it out!







Loan Special 

Vehicle Rates

                2014-2013     1-3 Years  1.69% APR
                                         4 Years  1.79% APR   
                                         5 Years  1.89% APR   
                    6 Years  2.50% APR (90% Financing) 
                    6 Years 2.75% APR (100% Financing)

                 2012-2010      3 Years 1.99% APR
                                          4 Years 2.25% APR
                                          5 Years 2.50% APR

                     2009-2008   4 Years 3.50% APR 

Identity Theft  


Identity Theft affects millions of Americans each year. Identity theft can take many forms: Financial Information, Personal Information and Medical Information. Each of these types of identity theft can have serious consequences for you and what happens to you when you need financial assistance; or have interaction with any level of government; or medical assistance. Many victims of identity theft don't realize they have been a victim for close to 18 months or longer. Trying to get any of the above situations corrected will take countless hours and also be extremely stressful. That's where Identity Theft Shield comes in. They have trained and licensed investigators to contact the appropriate people on your behalf and the will keep at it until your name has been restored to what it was before. If you would like more information on Identity Theft Shield please come into our office or call us and we can provide additional details or click on the following link to get signed up today!



Please take time to go to and contact our local politicians Representative King, Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin and tell them that you don't want credit unions to be taxed. Credit Unions do pay property taxes, social security taxes, etc but credit unions currently do not have to pay income taxes. Credit Unions are a not for profit copperative. As such they're tax exempt at the federal level. If Credit Union's lose their special tax status several things will end up happening. With the tax exempt not for profit status that credit unions currently enjoy, we use that money to offer our members extremely low new car rates. We also offer higher dividends on many types of deposit accounts. If Credit Union's lose their tax exempt status, Credit Union's will have to increase the interest rate on loans to cover the additional tax expense. If you are planning on borrowing money in the future, THIS SHOULD CONCERN YOU. Our dividends we pay on various deposit accounts will have to be reduced. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW!!!



Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times in someone's life but it can also be one of the most confusing. There are so many mortgage options available to today's home buyers; it can be difficult deciding which is best for you. Here at N.W. Iowa Credit Union we provide a menu of mortgage choices, including fixed rate, FHA, VA and USDA financing. For more information call us at 546-7676 and speak to our mortgage loan officer Mindy.




Shazam-ATM Locator
Did you know that if you log on to you will be able to locate at ATM Machine with the Privileged Status logo. With this logo the machine should not charge you for using that ATM. This will come in handy when you are traveling. 



 Looking for an easy way to access your account 24/7? Enroll today for Virtual Branch!

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